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Active Kefir Grains

$5.00 by Jim in joshua tree, 4 days ago
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Active Kefir Grains in Yucca Valley

I have a limited amount of active Kefir grains daily for sale or barter. Kefir is an ancient cultured milk drink similar to yogurt, except with tons more probiotic properties. My stomach was compromised in 2000 by a partial gastrectomy, leaving me to deal with digestive issues ever since. Drinking Kefir daily has made my stomach more comfortable than it has been for over 16 years. I've also noticed a remarkable increase in my energy level since adding Kefir to my diet. I believe I'm getting more nutrition from the same amount of food I've been eating, as I've lost about 8 pounds in the last month without any other changes to my routine.

I just recently discovered Kefir while looking for a "zingier" buttermilk than store-bought. I got some "Kefir grains" and began culturing my own from my raw whole goat's milk every day. Since my milk is raw and right from the goats, there are additional health benefits from just the milk alone. Kefir smoothies are available at Wal-Mart(usually) and Stater Bros. ready to drink but the number of strains of beneficial bacteria only totals twelve. Kefir made from the grains I use typically contain between 30 and 100 strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts.

I can also tell you how to make your own Kefir from grains at home. If you're concerned about consuming dairy or raw milk, you can use "water Kefir" instead, which is cultured in sugar water or fruit juice rather than milk.

Call Jim at 760-364-3440 or message me for details.

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